Documentary-style Video (Creative Director, Director, Producer, Strategy, Editor)

Real people, true story. Led from scratch by Mike Edgell.

Permission for the song ‘Hero’ by Family of the Year was granted by peermusic and Nettwerk Music Group. Hero is also the theme song for the Oscar nominated film Boyhood.

Any inquiries about this video please contact thisisdowntown (at)

Oddane’s story has a good ending.

But too many young people lose to the streets.

Organizations like Sketch and Covenant House engage with them to reach their potential.

This video was made for them.

Please support them here:

And thank you to everyone
who made this short film possible:

Oddane Taylor
(Beats on ‘Memories’ by GummyBeatz)
Michael O’Connell, Dale Roy, Phyllis Novak

Covenant House Toronto
Rose Cino

‘Hero’ by Family of the Year
peermusic – Craig Currier
Nettwerk Music Group – Coleen Novak

Noble Street Studios
Donny DaSilva, Kevin O’Leary, Trevor Anderson

Sesler – Dana Pizzolato

Dazmo Camera, Stephanie Fagan, Brandon Cooper

William F. White International Inc. – Cher Merlo

Video Director / Producer / Project Lead – Mike Edgell

Voice Coach – Elaine Overholt

Nobu Adilman
Daveed Goldman (Guitar)

Joseph Thornley

DP / Cinematographers
Rob Scarborough (Rehearsal and Streets)
Jackson Parrell (Recording Studio)
David Cain (Recording Studio B Cam)

Jackson Yeung
Marianna Margaret (+B Cam Op)

Sound Recordist – Scott Bell

MoVI Op – Mark Klassen

MoVI Equipment provided by Ray Dumas

Lennon Shute
Vanessa Chow

Andrew Easson

Additional Transcoding
Russ Fairley

Production Manager – Dominika Monicka

Production Assistants
Caroline Holley
Emily Johnson
Minya Djacic

Crew food provided by Boston Pizza
and Lauren Dauphinee

Crew transportation supplied by Senzel
and Greg Ryckman

For inquiries about this video,
contact thisisdowntown at

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